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– by Pir Mir Mahmoud Hadian


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We all have individual connection with our Creator, although many have forgotten it.

There is a misconception that man needs to have spiritual experiences. But the truth of the matter is that every one of us is a soul living in a human body. Living as a soul in a human body is an opportunity for us to experience some of His manifestations.

Any spiritual path should empower those who follow, in contrast to the religious way which creates dependency. However, not all spiritual paths achieve this.

“Do not look at my outward shape,
but take what is in my hand.”


“As man has moved away from his spiritual centre, he has become confused and dispersed in his thought, changing direction each day in the face of so many distractions.”

Pir Mir Mahmoud Hadian

Each Sufi Path has evolved in accordance with the teaching method established by its founder – hence there are many different groups and orders. Pir Mir Mahmoud Hadian is the founder of the Mir Sufi Path.

The recommended practices in the Mir Sufi Path include meditation (such as Sama, Zhikr, Whirling), individual retreats and group retrievals. These are supervised by the Pir.

The aim of these practices is to assist followers to focus deeper within themselves and experience the state of “Being Present”. This in turn empowers the follower to move forward.

We welcome you to join and experience any of the activities of the Mir Sufi Path for yourself.


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