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The Mir Sufi Path

The way of teaching on The Mir Sufi Path differs to many spiritual paths.

There are seven levels of initiation to The Mir Sufi Path, beginning with the first initiation. To initiate is to embark upon the Path. An individual progresses according to their consistency (with practices), devotion, submission and sincerity. The teacher acts as a facilitator to assist the student on the journey.

Whoever travels without a guide
needs two-hundred years
for a two-day journey.

- Rumi

Pir Mir Mahmoud Hadian           

The Pir (Master) of the Path, Pir Mir Mahmoud Hadian, assists seekers on their journey through the practices of group meditation (sama/silent), zhikr (chanting), reflection and retrieval (individual/group). Each individual's experience of the Path is unique and respected.

A Sufi is a child of the moment.
He does not dream about the future or
try to rediscover or linger upon the past.

- Mir Hadian

The Mir Sufi Centre has basic facilities that are attended by seekers from all over the world though many individuals initiate and participate at distance without attending the Centre. From level three onwards (the third initiation), it is necessary to attend the Centre from time-to-time.

All teachers are financially independent of seekers and the Centre, working only on a voluntary basis. Instead of seeking financial gain from their work for the Centre, all teachers (including the Master of the Path) invite seekers to support the Centre. If you have benefitted from The Mir Sufi Centre or The Mir Sufi Path, please make a donation.

If you would like more information about embarking upon the Path, please email